Monday, February 4, 2013

Superman #16

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort

The first major crossover in the Superman family of books continues. A Fistful of Sticks focuses on the origin of H'El, and although his story initially makes him a sympathetic figure, his too-evident lies reveal he is up to something shady, and that could be an issue with the plot. It is easy to guess that Supergirl will turn against him at some crucial point, because the way she is catching him in the lie is too obvious; no subtlety here. Somewhere in the middle of the issue, Lobdell makes a nice comparison between Kal-El and Kon-El's powers, which is a nice way to avoid the perception of redundancy between both characters. An appearance by the Justice League is the perfect excuse for Kenneth Rockafort, Sunny Gho, and Blond to come up with some beautiful artwork; the colors in this book are mind blowing.  It would be appreciated if Wonder Woman were not to be referred to as "Superman's current lover;" no one talks like that. "Better half" or even "love interest" are available if "girlfriend" sounds too high-schoolish.

Superman by Kenneth Rockafort, Sunny Gho, and Blond

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  1. Current love, because who knows who Supes will go for next, he was with Lana(see Action) and now WW, I have always liked when Superman/Clark is portrayed as a typical male who goes through relationship(s).

    I also think this is the best issue so far, last issue was 2nd, each issue gets better as H'el goes on.