Sunday, February 3, 2013

Green Lantern Corps Annual #1

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Chriscross

This one is big... is huge, actually. Peter J. Tomasi takes a bowl the size of the universe, throws in it the storylines that for the past several months Geoff Johns, Tony Bedard, Peter Milligan, and himself have been pre-cooking, adds some badass artwork by Chriscross, and a few sprinkles of that old Gardner attitude, and the result is a yummy conclusion to the Rise of the Third Army that exceeds the expectations of an arc that at times seemed to have lost its way, but in the end did pay off. Tomasi brings together the threads from all four Lantern titles in such a way that the pieces perfectly fit when the time comes for the GL Corps and their allies to confront those little, despicable Guardians. Mogo's return, Kilowog's highjacking of the central battery, Guy's sacrifice, Kyle's arrival, Atrocitus' gift to the Guardians, the inevitable battle that ensues, and much, much more, are a non-stop sequence of explosive events that keep the momentum going from the first page to the very last one. Annuals are not usually this good!

Simon Baz by Chriscross, and Wil Quintana

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