Sunday, February 10, 2013

Young Romance #1

Writers: Nocenti, Castelucci, Fawkes, Milligan, Higgins, Diggle
Artists: Lupacchino, Miranda, Gopez, Bisley, Greene, Rocha

With Valentine's Day around the corner, DC brings back to life a romantic comic book that had its origins in the late 40's: Young Romance. In this modern-day edition, six stories feature some of the most popular characters of the New 52. Think it Through retcons the first encounter between Batman and Catwoman. In The Lighthouse, Aquaman and Mera relive a tragic love story from Victorian times as they prepare for a coming storm. Batgirl has yet another encounter with Ricky, the young man she saved from Knightfall's madness, in a tale titled Dreamer.


The dark and stylistically polarizing Seoul Brothers, has Midnighter and Apollo breaking up but not really, as they fight a band of uranium dealers. Nightwing meets a butt-kicking bodyguard named Ursa, who is not easy prey to Mr. Grayson's charm, in Another Saturday Night. Finally, Truth or Dare stars Wonder Woman as she battles Eros and a couple of evil sirens to save Superman from their influence. The issue includes 18 Valentine mini-cards as well. Fun book, but a steep cover price.

Mera by Iñaki Miranda and Eva de la Cruz

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