Friday, February 22, 2013

The Black Beetle #2

Writer and Artist: Francesco Francavilla

Don't ever say that perseverance doesn't have its rewards. After working for several years on a character of his own making, releasing self-published ashcans, and posting pages and tidbits in his blog, artist Francesco Francavilla hits the jackpot with the first mini-series for his creation, The Black Beetle. Debuting in the anthology series Dark Horse Presents, The Black Beetle is a mysterious crime fighter whose adventures are set in the 1940's and take place in the equally enigmatic Colt City. No Way Out, the name of this first mini, follows the hero as he tries to solve the puzzle behind the death of two major mob families. By making use of the main character's voice to narrate the story, low-key lighting, dramatic shadow patterns, and Labyrinto, an antagonist that in many ways represents the almost-alive Colt City, Francavilla and his award-winning artistic style invoke the most fascinating elements of the noir period. From the beautifully made teasers emulating cinema lobby cards, to the captivating pages of the final product, this one is a must have.

"No Way Out" series teaser. Art by Francesco Francavilla

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