Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Green Lantern Annual #1

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Ethan Van Sciver and Pete Woods

Ethan Van Sciver makes his triumphant return to the pages of Green Lantern with the prologue to the next big event The Rise of the Third Army. Eight years after bringing Hal Jordan back and making of the Green Lantern franchise one of the most profitable for DC, Johns and Van Sciver join forces again to deliver a story as big and exciting as their initial collaboration. Johns expands the GL universe even further by introducing not only the First Lantern but also The Hidden Ones, who are likely to take over the current Guardians of the Universe. Black Hand, who also started his journey in Rebirth, finally has his revenge, although not on his terms, and his story continues parallel to those of Jordan and Sinestro. Then there is The Third Army. Their origin is as chilling as the rise of the dead in Blackest Night, and after the developments for the titulars of this book, it is clear that no one's future is safe. Amazing!

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  1. Eddie | 4 comments I get my books by mail and I am always behind but after reading Green Lantern Annual #1, I was very excited for this Rise of the Third Army. Wow, The Guardians have been unflappable but now they are just evil. I thought Johns laid out the plots and danger fairly well but I thought the Guardians could cut off the main battery and there would be no more Green Lanterns. I thought the power source was always limited, did I miss something?