Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gambit #3

Writer: James Asmus
Artists: Clay Mann and Leonard Kirk

A game that started as a Mission: Impossible tryout for Remy LeBeau, has now turned into Raiders of the Lost Arc, and this time the prize is his own life. In an attempt to expel the parasite that has burrowed into his body and that is slowly leeching all his energy, Gambit and his companion venture into the Guatemalan jungle, and what they find is way more than what they can handle. Today will be about the art: Leonard Kirk's artistic collaboration may have been the result of deadline issues; however, it becomes disrupting to the story flow, especially considering it is the most action-loaded sequence of the chapter. It would have been interesting to see Clay Mann's take on that extremely dynamic scene with all the acrobatics and small panels. The last page is a beautiful splash colored by Rachelle Rosenberg with a cinematic angle that transitions the characters to yet another genre: welcome to Dungeons and Dragons!

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