Saturday, September 15, 2012

Batman #0

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Andy Clarke

Rather than focusing in the main feature, this review takes on the backup story titled Tomorrow. This tale is about the first night the batsignal lighted the skies of Gotham and the young lives that were destined to be changed upon that sight. Tim Drake is depicted as a strong-willed genius with his heart in the right place. Jason Todd is a haunted young man driven by regrets and whose fate is to be an outcast. Dick Grayson, who is about to experience great loss and unknowingly escape the grasp of the Court of Owls, is a talented and heroic youngster. Finally, Barbara Gordon, daughter of the police commissioner has the most inspiring moment of the story. Now that DC has rolled the dice on the timeline of the Bat-Family, and compressed it down to five years, it will have to tread carefully to avoid continuity mishaps -it already occurred, but I don't want to take anything from this nice flashback.

Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake by Andy Clarke

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