Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wonder Woman #0

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Cliff Chiang

Reminiscing the fun, quirky stories from the early Silver Age of comics, and imagined as a reprint of All-Girl Adventure Tales For Men #41, the zero issue of Wonder Woman tells a hidden chapter of the amazon princess' life in her twelfth birthday and the mysterious training she underwent under the instruction of a most unexpected party. Brian Azzarello touches on several elements he introduced throughout the months on his run, for instance how Diana used to be bullied by the other amazons as a child.

Variant, unused, and final cover to Wonder Woman #0 by Cliff Chiang

The most shocking development in this flashback is the one-year tutelage the princess received to hone her warrior skills. As surprising as the identity of her mentor is, it also makes absolute sense; their close relationship and eventual fallout are written with the utmost elegance and care. Cliff Chiang slightly modifies his style to emulate the vintage feel of the book, resulting in a beautiful piece. Did this young Diana make anyone else think of Donna Troy? I miss her.  Great issue!

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