Thursday, September 6, 2012

Earth-Two #0

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Tomás Giorello

September is Zero month at DC, the perfect opportunity to see the trinity -or ternion- of wonders once again prior to its fall. Told from the point of view of Terry Sloane, who was a wonder himself, the story takes place a year before the deaths of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Rather than leaving readers with dangling questions until the end of time, Robinson reveals some mysteries while creating new ones -like the identity of the seventh wonder. The issue plants seeds for future storylines, and even opens the door to potential interactions with the main Earth; it also has some surprises, like the truth of what happened to Italy. Sloane's narration of the events defines in a solid fashion his personality, thought process, and role in the title. Although the issue defers the first arc of the series, it is a great read, and worth the interruption.

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