Monday, September 10, 2012

Worlds' Finest #0

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artists: Kevin Maguire and Wes Craig

Zero month takes readers back to Earth-2 when Helena Wayne first became Robin, and the tragic events that shaped her friendship with Supergirl. Paul Levitz surely had the best time writing this story, because the plot and the dialog in it show it. Helena's relationship with her parents, and what she learned and inherited from each makes of her current self as Huntress a true half-Catwoman, half-Batman, whereas in the past she had been mostly connected to the latter. With Supergirl, things are almost bittersweet. The Kara of Earth-2 was exactly what the current Supergirl from the main Earth should be, but sadly isn't. She is very reminiscent of the Silver Age Kara -Linda Lee Danvers- down to the Secret Weapon angle. Kevin Maguire and Wes Craig shine with fantastic artwork for the entire issue -keeping the theme of the book as the whole thing is a flashback. We need to see more of Robin and Supergirl's feats in Earth-2.

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