Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Avengers #30

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Walter Simonson and Scott Hanna

While this issue is branded as being part of AvX, it's not; the first two pages throw a spread of the battle against Cyclops and Emma Frost to justify the banner on the cover, but the story takes place afterwards, once the Avengers return to New York. Just for that cheap trick, the book loses brownie points. Thinking that all heroes are still in Utopia, third tier Spider-foe Mister Negative tries to steal leftover weaponry from The Serpent's War, but is interrupted by Hakweye and Spider-Woman. This is intended to be a light, almost comical tale, as a way to decompress from the high-octane event of the past several months, and to some degree that goal is achieved; however, the humor comes at the expense of making Spider-Woman look like the stupidest schoolgirl and Hawkeye as a jackass. In the end things work out and it's like nothing happened, so guess what? One can forget this ever occurred... almost. There's a nice ending twist.

Power couple Spiderhawk by Walter Simonson, Scott Hanna, and Jason Keith

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