Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wonder Woman #13

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Tony Akins

After suffering a bitter betrayal by Hermes, Wonder Woman and her friends regroup to heal and plan their next move. Azzarello brings conflict to the little band by adding a depowered Hera to their ranks and it doesn't take long before drama unfolds. Meanwhile, Apollo, who now sits the throne of Olympus, gathers his pantheon siblings to further conspire against everyone else. Seeing all these deities together in their new incarnations, proves how much effort the series' creators have put into providing a fresh perspective on the characters. The second part of the issue focuses on Diana searching for yet another one of her many godly relatives, and although the buildup drags on more than needed, the payoff comes with the cliffhanger and the introduction of Siracca. Tony Akins' style is much more similar to Cliff Chiang's here than in previous issues; however, Matthew Wilson's colors are the ones that really close the gap. Good start for the book's second year.

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