Thursday, October 18, 2012

Justice League #13

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Tony Daniel

The second year of Justice League begins with the introduction of Cheetah into the new continuity. Barbara Minerva is a vicious creature who despises the humanity she abandoned after being possessed by a goddess of the hunt; however, her back story connects her to the events in the Free Comic Book Day special, and of course, to the upcoming Trinity War. Superman and Wonder Woman try to work out the awkwardness resulting from their much publicized kiss, while Flash reassures Cyborg of his humanity. This last characterization scene, as nice as it is, forces one to question once again what the heck the League has been up to the past five years; had these heroes really been that detached from each other all that time that they are just barely getting to know each other? Guest artist Tony Daniel gets the opportunity to showcase his skills drawing some pretty awesome sequences featuring the amazon warrior and company. Nice issue.

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