Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scarlet Spider #10

Writer: Chris Yost
Artists: Khoi Pham and Reilly Brown

Minimum Carnage continues with the first official fight-slash-team-up between Venom and Scarlet Spider. The main takeaway from this particular issue is the immense breakthrough Kaine has while fighting an out-of-control Venom. His recent adventures, the allies he's made, and the warm welcome he's received from the citizens of Houston, are slowly turning him from a creature that had nothing to lose, to a man who is now finding more and more reasons to live. The dynamic between both characters plays off nicely, not only in the writing, but also in the artwork. It turns out that with Khoi Pham's arrival, the title gains even more energy, adding to the momentum Ryan Stegman helped build. Thanks to this story, I have been introduced to the newest incarnation of Venom, and it's one I now care about and plan to follow; a sign that not all crossovers are evil, and as long as they don't get out of hand, they open new doors to readers.

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