Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arrow - Episode 1

Writers: Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim
Director: David Nutter

With the train wreck that Green Arrow's comic book turned out to be after the New 52 relaunch, I had very low expectations for the CW's new live-action series featuring DC's emerald archer. Much to my surprise, the Pilot episode was extremely enjoyable and entertaining; what's even better, I am not the only one who thought the same; Arrow became the CW's most-watched telecast in the past three years!

With Canadian actor Stephen Amell in the leading role, Arrow follows billionaire Oliver Queen as he finally leaves the mysterious island where he was stranded for the past five years after a shipwreck. With a new purpose in life, Oliver becomes a vigilante who goes after Starling City's most corrupt and rotten.

Enter: Green Arrow, Starling City's new guardian angel; with his hood, trick arrows, and the amazing skills he learned back on the island to survive. This is no goodie-two-shoes hero, however; Arrow is willing to do whatever it takes to save his city and protect his secret, so don't mess with him.

While the acting does not exactly screams Thespian, it is not that bad for CW's standards. The visual effects, the locations, and the production itself, prove this is no low-budget-filmed-in-Peter's-backyard kind of project either; it is very well done, and it shows.

The first episode is loaded with action, intrigue, and yes, heroics. If you have not watched it yet, it is available at and hold on to your chair for that last scene... you'll be like whaaaat!

One of the most exciting aspects of the series is the many familiar names that are thrown around: Merlyn, Speedy, the Lance family, and of course, that haunting shot of the black-and-orange mask with an arrow through the eye. The potential for stories is already off the chain. Very exciting beginning for this new series.

ARROW. Wednesdays at 08:00 pm on the CW

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  1. I was largely happy with the pilot. I was distressed by him killing a guy, but we'll see how his character develops. I do miss Justin Hartley's humor. I hope Ollie lightens up.