Monday, October 22, 2012

Marvel Now! Point One :: Ant-Man

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Michael Allred

With the Marvel Now! initiative underway, the publisher teases readers with a preview of upcoming titles in this week's .1 issue. Presented in an anthology format, one of the segments features Ant-Man in a prequel to the soon-to be-relaunched FF series. Scott Lang died during Disassembled and came back to life during Children's Crusade, only to see his daughter Cassie a.k.a. Stature die at the hands of Dr. Doom. Now Ant-Man is trying to overcome his loss the only way he knows how: exacting revenge. Fans of the current Daredevil and Hawkeye titles need to check this one out. Matt Fraction -who also writes Hawkeye- has found a niche where he clearly thrives, and thanks to the fact he knows which specific talents to exploit in the artists who illustrate his stories, the final product is a true delight. Michael Allred's art is the ideal complement to a plot that starts in an obscure place but ends on a lighthearted note.

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