Thursday, October 4, 2012

Earth-Two #5

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Nicola Scott

Now that all that zero month business is done, the Wonders of Earth-2 continue their battle against the deadly menace of Grundy. Amid the chaos, further characterization takes place, which is the perfect recipe for those who love action as much as development. Jay is enthusiastic almost to a fault, and with delusions that things in the world are either black or white; ironic then that he is fighting a creature of the Grey, because sooner or later he will learn how wrong he is. In the meantime, Alan quickly shows his leadership skills, and Al just banters with anyone around him. This world-building is very exciting; every time a familiar name is mentioned, be it Wesley Dodds, Ted Grant, or Red Tornado, is like one more angel earns new wings, and the mind runs wild with ideas of how these characters will be introduced. Nicola Scott nails it with all the intricate details, yet manages to keep it neat and clean for Alex Sinclair's amazing colors. A must read.

Hawkgirl and The Green Lantern by Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott, and Alex Sinclair

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