Thursday, October 11, 2012

Batman #13

Writers: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Artists: Greg Capullo and Jock

The coming of Satan himself could never be half as scary as the return of Joker to Gotham is. Heralded by ominous occurrences, the clown prince of crime is back crueler and meaner than ever before, and on top of everything, he is pissed off as well; dark times have indeed arrived. Snyder makes of Joker's rampage inside the GCPD a horror fest that gets even more disturbing when he reveals to Gordon how close he has really been the past year. Batman's attitude towards the return of his nemesis is one of annoyance; he is alarmed, of course, but he looks more inconvenienced than anything else; whereas the rest of his allies -with the exception of Damian- are pretty freaked out about it, which is the right way to feel. It's possible that after the attack by the Court of Owls, the cape crusader is confident he can take on anyone... big mistake. Il Maestro Capullo delivers some of the spookiest pencils of his run in the title.

My First Official 10 Ever!

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