Friday, October 26, 2012

Gambit #4

Writer: James Asmus
Artists: Clay Mann and Leonard Kirk

Things go from bad to worse for Gambit and his female companion when the relic that had burrowed into his chest finally brings them to its desired destination and opens a portal to another dimension. The larger-than-life creatures on the other side are the highlight of the issue; Clay Mann draws some fantastic dragons -to give them a name- and the care and detail he puts into them are almost palpable. That's pretty much everything that goes well in this installment; there is not a lot of story to talk about, since the resolution is quite underwhelming and defeats the purpose of all that build up that's been taken place the past few months. The artwork is disrupted again with Leonard Kirk's collaboration; however, Rachelle Rosenberg does a great job tying it all together. It seems that lately it's been up to the colorists to bring the cohesiveness to these pieces, and their work is not always recognized.

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