Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Batman and Robin #13

Writer: Peter J Tomasi
Artists: Patrick Gleason and Tomas Giorello

Batman and Robin have a rare bonding experience while sharing what one would call a mundane father-son moment: watching a solar eclipse... from space! The exchange Bruce and Damian have is almost too nice to believe; for two entire pages they actually have a conversation without either one ruining it with some crude remark; they also go through another rite of passage: dad lets junior drive... the skyrocket! Other than this huge characterization sequence, the story is kind of bad, centering around an unexpected zombie attack in Gotham. In an effort to tie it in with Death in the Family, the issue makes a mess of the timeline; acknowledging the return of Joker and hinting at Alfred's disappearance, the plot still does not fit with the events in the main Batman title. The shared pencils make for a brusque transition from inked artwork to non-inked, and there are a couple of campy moments not seen since the 80's Saturday cartoons.

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