Saturday, October 6, 2012

Uncanny X-Men #19

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Dale Eaglesham

A direct continuation from the previous issue and running simultaneously with AvX #12, the final battle against Hope and the Scarlet Witch is retold from Scott Summers' point of view. Consumed by the Dark Phoenix upon the death of Charles Xavier, and no longer able to distinguish thought from action, Cyclops sees his life flash in front of him before momentarily transcending beyond reality. All along, Kieron Gillen exposes Scott's feelings as they pop in his mind like a fever dream until he finally falls. Reading the final pages of this story is heartbreaking. The first X-Man, he who was supposed to take after Professor X, is reduced to a disturbed individual, who, despite acknowledging the horrors he unleashed, feels no regrets because for him the end justifies the means. His final gesture is spine-chilling: he is actually happy of what he accomplished. Scary. Can someone please assign Dale Eaglesham to a high-profile team book ASAP? His talent is invaluable.


  1. Cyclops is righteous!

  2. Cyclops has been on a long, slippery slope since the Morrison era, falling further and further from a point of integrity. The only ideal ending for him would have been his death. The character has been ethically compromised for years, and a religious zealot in the last couple of years, obsessed with his own vision. Basically he's David Koresh.

  3. Character assassination; pure and simple. He's not the same hero but a Marvel scapegoat...pathetic!

  4. Some women "wished off" more than 90% of a race. I get the whole slippery slop issue. I agree to a certain point. But he had the means to right the wrong. And he did. Too bad the readers are the only ones who understand that, and not the characters in MU 616.