Saturday, October 8, 2011

Aquaman #1

Part one of "The Trench" written by Geoff Johns, pencils by Ivan Reis, and inks by Je Prado.  An excellent introduction for Aquaman to the new continuity.  Geoff Johns did an awesome job in taking what many people in "our world" perceive of the character and translating it into what people in "Earth-1" think of the Superhero.  As time passes, I can guarantee that people -in both the real and comic world- will see what a badass Aquaman really is.  Ivan Reis' art, as always, is nothing short of outstanding; he truly brings "regal" to Aquaman, and the new tweaks made to his uniform make him look even better -although most of them had been carried over from Brightest day.  Another plus in this issue is Rod Reis' coloring; from the shine in Aquaman's scales to the flashback panels, this is another Reis in the rising.

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