Monday, October 24, 2011

Batman #2

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo present Batman in "Trust Fall".  The high-octante action and the visuals are out of this world thanks to Capullo's pencils; I am adjusting to this almost cartoonish new style of his, but it is not detrimental to the plot in any way.  Snider really gets inside Bruce Wayne's head, not only through the text boxes, but also through his actions and interactions with the rest of the cast.  The inventive use of new technologies in the story truly is a hook, and shows how much comics are a reflection of the times in which they are published.  I am suspicious of Batman's constant refusal to admit the possibility that the Court of Owls is real; as if his denial was trying to hide something.  Lincoln March reminds me a lot of Tommy Elliot a.k.a. Hush, so I hope it will not turn out to be the same thing all over again.  This book is amazing and you must read it!

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