Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nightwing #2

Nightwing returns to his roots in "Haly's wish", written by Kyle Higgins and pencilled by Eddy Barrows.  The story picks up right where issue #1 ended, with Nightwing fighting a new menace who's trying to kill Dick Grayson.  The action scenes as illustrated by Eddy Barrows are simply amazing; never the same angle, and always full of dynamism.  Those facial expressions and close-ups though, looked very awkward; as if he feels more comfortable drawing masked characters.  Kyle Higgins exploits inner dialogue the right way, and hints at a new mystery to be introduced in the Nightwing mythos that I'm sure will be a huge part of the character going foward; apparently Haly's Circus was not just that, but much more... what does this mean?  Interesting!  Nightwing #2 was a solid issue with all the ingredients for a great story.

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