Saturday, October 15, 2011

Red Lanterns #2

"Pure Rage" is the first step in the new path for Atrocitus as he tunes and refines the terms of this bloody justice mission of his.  With such a vast universe out there, whose rage takes priority over whose?  Peter Milligan shows us this dicotomy that Atrocitus has become; on one hand a merciless monster, on the other, a tortured creature in search of his own self.  Ed Benes' beautiful art was wasted -even on the cover- on unkwnown and whimsical characters; while very little focused on the stars of this book.  Still, I understand this is just a build-up phase, and as we'll see in issue #3 the spotlight starts to shine on other members of the corps.  Another Red Lantern will learn to control their rage and gain some degree of conscienciousness the same way Atrocitus has -or Mera for that matter.-  Enter:  Bleeze!

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