Monday, October 10, 2011

Huntress #1

When the New 52 were first announced and I saw no sign of the Huntress, I was afraid she would be erased from continuity like she was 25 years ago after Crisis; after all, with a Batwoman, a Batgirl, a Flamebird, a Blackbat, and a Spoiler, who needed a Huntress?  Well, I am glad DC decided we did, and she had the honor to have the first mini-series of the relaunch.  Written by her creator Paul Levitz and pencilled by Marcus To, Huntress takes us with her to Italy in a mission to stop the mafia from shipping bad stuff to Gotham.  To's pencils, John Dell's inks, and Andrew Dalhouse's vibrant colors bring to life an action-packed story where there's no dull moment.  Bertinelli or Wayne, from Earth-1 or 2, the uniqueness of this Helena, this Huntress, makes her a character to watch in the DCnU, and this mini-series is an excellent jumping point.

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