Sunday, October 16, 2011

X-Men Legacy #256

The penultimate chapter of "Five Miles South of the Universe" is a far improvement from its previous installments; art and storywise.  Little details such as Polaris and Gambit talking about the mansion, and Rogue and Frenzy's sequences made it a very fun issue.  Sadly, there was little for Havok and company to do and I hated seeing Polaris calling Magneto "father" out of nowhere... that's dumb.  Despite all that, things get complicated enough for the X-Men by the end to leave us with a very exciting cliffhanger.  Koi Pham's art is also an improvement from Steve Kurth's.  Last I had seen Pham in Mighty Avengers, and his pencils quite rough; however, his new style makes for great visuals.  This was a solid issue, but with only one chapter left to resolve things, issue #257 will be a great challenge for Mike Carey.

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