Saturday, October 29, 2011

Savage Hawkman #2

Tony Daniel and Philip Tan present "Wings of Darkness", the second chapter of a new beginning for the Savage Hawkman.  The first part of the issue is an all-out fight between the winged wonder and new menace, Morphicius.  Tan does a fantastic job here; there is this splash image in page 4 where Hawkman looks absolutely incredible, and Sunny Gho's colors just add to that.  Daniel takes Carter Hall and us through this new journey in learning the new capabilities of the Nth metal, while leaving Hawkman's past and origin in the backburner for a later time.  The second part of the issue is not as exciting or well executed, and it seems to get lost in itself.  The art is not as good, the big baddie is an underwhelming revelation, and his connection to Morphicious doesn't make much sense.  If I were to split this issue in two, I'd say that #2 was excellent, while #2.5 was not so.

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