Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Savage Hawkman #1

Aright, this one makes me nervous.  Two heroes share the privilege of having the most convoluted continuities this side of Crisis:  Donna Troy and Hawkman.  Since we don't know what the status of Ms. Troy in the DCnU is, all eyes are on the Winged Wonder.  Written by Tony Daniel, and pencilled by Philip Tan, Hawkman gets a new beginning and a huge opportunity to clean up the hot mess that has been his history.  Five years after the debut of heroes in our world, Carter Hall is giving up the Hawkman mantle for unknown reasons, but the mantle doesn't want to give him up and drama ensues.  Sunny Gho's colors do a lot to enhance Tan's pencils, which at times can be somewhat iffy; however, in this first issue, the art is very good.  Daniel does a great job writing a haunted Carter Hall and a strong Hawkman.  I am curious enough to get issue number 2 and then we'll see.

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