Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Batwing #2

Written by Judd Winick and pencilled by Ben Oliver, Batwing chronicles the adventures of the Batman from Africa, a.k.a. Officer David Zavimbe.  Ben Oliver's art doesn't fall within the "comic book" label proper; it rather fits a more elegant "graphic novel" category, and it gives the book its own distinctive personality, separating it from the rest of the New 52.  Winick's writing is captivating, and his portrayal of Batwing's villain, Massacre is simply terrifying.  The story also explores the mystery of "The Kingdom", the first African super hero team, which will surely have ties to the rest of the DCnU.  If I have one problem with issue #2 is the fact that Batwing only shows in the first and the last page.  Also important to clarify, this is a very good book, but intended for mature readers, as it gets crude and graphic, so keep it away from kids.

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