Friday, October 28, 2011

New Guardians #2

The adventures of Green Lantern Kyle Ryner and his new band of buddies continues in the second chapter of "New Guardians" written by Tony Bedard.  The issue is mostly an introduction of the different lanterns for new readers; Arkillo, Fatality, Bleez, Munk, and Saint Walker, each have a quick fact revealed about them, whether it is their background or their power, so readers can become familiar with them.  While this may lead to believe it is a slow issue, it is not; the story moves forward and soon we find out that some disturbing stuff is happening on Oa, and Kyle gets more than he asked for.  What I like most about this book is the art, so I was kind of sad that Tyler Kirkham had to share credits -with Harvey Tolibao from the Psylocke hall of fame- in this issue.  It is a matter of opinions, but I'd have been okay waiting two months to see a full issue by the artist I like.

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