Friday, October 21, 2011

Wonder Woman #2

And then out of nowhere, Wonder Woman became one of the best books of DCnU's week 7.  From evil Hera, to blond Hippolyta, to the strangely familiar faces of Aleka and Dessa, "Home" was a pleasant surprise.  This new take on the amazons is very different to what we have seen before, and so is Hera's description of Paradise Island.  Brian Azzarello definitely threw us a curve with this issue;  anyone who was expecting to be disappointed, well... expect the total opposite, because you are in for a treat.  Cliff Chiang and Matthew Wilson rocked in art duties, and just like I mentioned for issue #1, the issue looks fantastic in its digital version.  Did I mention my new favorite catchphrase? "Peace? Your mocking lips spit a word your tongue has never tasted!"  Classic.  My one grudge with the issue: the character design for Strife.  She looks like an anorexic european model.

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