Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Dark Knight #2

The mystery of the breakout from Arkham deepens in "A Rush of Blood" by Paul Jenkins and David Finch.  This issue was able to deliver both, splashy art and lots of story in only 20 pages; proving that it is a matter of will as much as skill.  Many moments in this issue caught my eye; from Gordon's "awww" moment, to Ventriloquist's creepy scene, to White Rabbit's wickedness, to... Batman smiling at a joke?  My favorite part, though, was the cameo apareances by other members of the Bat-family, as it was an unexpected surprise that added to the direness of the breakout.  The science behind the transformations Batman's enemies underwent, is intresting, and although we might think we know who is behind it, I am sure the revelation will be shocking.  Issue #3 promises to be a ride of crazy proportions.  Note crazy.

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