Saturday, October 22, 2011

Justice League #2

The secret origin of the supreme superhero team continues in the second chapter of "Justice League" by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.  Right now the only thing that makes me get this book is the art.  The long association of Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair continues to produce some of the most beautiful art in comics, and I hope it remains that way for a long time.  The plot, I am not so thrilled about; and it is not the story itslef that is alienating me, is the fact that it is being dragged out.  As much as I find those double spreads breathtaking, they are also an excuse for the unnecessary "decompressed writing" we are being subjected to.  It's been 46 pages of story so far, that could have occupied maybe 18 in a single issue without the theatrics of the splash images, and with pages left for more story.  We need to pick up the pace, guys.

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