Saturday, December 10, 2011

Batwing #4

Batwing recalls his past as he follows the trail of destruction Massacre is leaving behind him in "Better at Terrible Things" by Judd Winick and Chris Cross.  As crude and violent as this story is, the sad thing about it is that it is rooted in reality; take the super heroics aside, and you will find yourself not reading a comic book, but basically looking at a documentary.  This is what impacted me the most about this issue.  Not that I am getting political or anything, but a little push and this book could actually send an awareness message out there.  Going back to comics, Winick is weaving a complex and compelling story, while creating a whole new corner in the DCnU that could eventually be the cradle for many new characters and stories.  Ben Oliver was missed and I wish he had at least pencilled the present-day sequences, as his art is a staple of this series.

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