Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Guardians #4

New Guardians kicks into high gear with the introduction of superstar Larfleeze into the story.  This issue is fantastic, a non-stop ride with nothing but action, fueled by the contrast of personalities of all the lanterns and their conflict with the Guardians of the Universe.  This chapter belongs to Larfleeze, who despite his childish behavior, has answers and proves to be somewhat of a leader; he could easily take the starring role from Kyle since he is a really fun character, and it is obvious that Tony Bedard enjoys writing him as much as Tyler Kirkham enjoys drawing him.  Speaking of Kirkham, I was superexcited to see his pencils in the whole issue; the wait was worth it, because every page is amazing and the work of inker Batt and colorist Nei Rufino just add to it to make of this issue an absolute winner.

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