Friday, January 6, 2012

Huntress #4

Paul Levitz and Marcus To continue chronicling Huntress' adventures in Italy as she makes her move to take Moretti down.  To is on his way to become one of comics' biggest stars; his pencils are breathtaking, and he has done a fantastic job showing us Italy's landscapes; this issue's turn is for the Amalfi Coast.  His interpretation of Helena/Huntress is beautiful, and his action panels are superbly executed.  About the story, it brings so much pleasure to see her finally deliver justice after the build up of previous issues.  Levitz has done a great job following the trend of several DC books of taking elements from real life to make the series compelling; in this case two despicable practices are explored: human trafficking and government corruption.  But this is not over yet, and next issue Huntress goes after a big quarry, and I can't wait for what she is going to do next.

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