Thursday, January 5, 2012

Detective Comics #5

"Wheel of Misfortune" by Tony Daniel takes events from real life headlines, and puts a sick twist on them to give us "Occupy Gotham", which is in itself a smart move to appeal to anyone who follows -and lives- current world events.  I enjoyed that part, because it makes the suspension of disbelief that much easier to achieve; and even that "we are the 6%" sign made me smile for a second.  While this is happening, the stage is being set for what seems will be a "dinner and murder mystery" at Penguin's Iceberg Casino, and where readers will get to know Hugh Marder and Charlotte Rivers a bit better.  All of this was fine, but I am extremely upset at the mere 12 pages of story; I feel robbed, and the back-up filler illustrated by Szymon Kudranski did'nt do anything to appease me; regardless of the guest appearance or the last panel "revelation".

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