Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Magneto #2

After the shocking revelation of the previous issue, Magneto leaves Utopia in search of Joseph.  To quickly catch up those who don't know, Joseph is a clone of Magnus created by Astra, an original member of his Brotherhood.  He had died during the "Magneto War", but as is revealed here, he was brought back to life by his creator.  This flashback sequence is illustrated by Gabriel Hernandez; nothing against him, but I would be glad if I don't have to see his art ever again; his pencils are extremely rough for my taste.  Conversely, Clay Mann is the main reason why I am getting this mini; I just love his work.  The story itself is disrupted by the awkward art, but the interactions between Magneto and Joseph & Astra are pretty intense.  Things look promising for the third issue, as Magneto confronts a [more] twisted version of his children and the rest of the Brotherhood.

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