Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nightwing #5

Things take a supernatural turn for Nightwing when Haly's Circus stops in New Orleans for a show.  With a perfect balance between heroics and characterization (and some motorcycle bragging in between), Kyle Higgins writes a nice self contained story, while adding another piece to the overall puzzle that is the current arc.  One interesting fact we learn in this issue is that Etrigan the demon has not surfaced in present times -not yet.  The return of Eddy Barrows to the series is more than welcome; he really outdid himself in this issue with very intricate and fluid pencils; just in time for the shocking revelation of the last page: holy mother of crap! I did not see that one coming.  January seems to be a lucky month for many of the New 52, and this is not the exception; "'Til Death do us Part" is the best issue of the series to date.

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