Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Flash #5

The fate of Mob Rule is revealed in this issue by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato.  Despite the limited page count, the story provides resolution to several dangling plots; the civil unrest in the city, the breakout at Iron Heights, an explanation for the pulse of issue #2, and of course, the fall of Barry's friend, Manuel Lago, are all addressed here.  At the same time, the doors open for exciting new possibilities in the form of Captain Cold and the Speed Force.  The art is somewhat different in this installment as it is more compressed to accommodate the entire script; however, it does not lose any of its charm.  With all the emphasis made in showing how important Manuel was to him, I would have liked to see Barry express more emotion at the end of the story; still, this first arc is very entertaining and a must read.

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