Sunday, January 15, 2012

Batman and Robin #5

More than any of the previous installments in this series, "Mutineer" is a very personal and private story.  In a surprising, yet, touching moment, Batman actually opens up and pours his heart out; yes, to a recording machine; still, his words are powerful and moving.  Few times this vulnerability is shown in the character, so kudos to Peter J. Tomasi, for a great script.  Then there's Damian.  He is being written as a beast, as an atom bomb about to go off, all that anger contained in a tiny vessel.  No wonder he is such an apathetic being; the continuous struggle to maintain control, the effort he has to make to show restrain; a child should never have to deal with that.  Now that NoBody has gotten his claws on Robin, the story can go in any direction, and that is what makes it so grandiose: the not knowing what will happen next.  Great issue!

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