Friday, January 27, 2012

Justice League #5

The not-yet Justice League clashes with Darkseid for the first time in the fifth chapter of their secret origin.  The point of view characters in this issue are Flash and Green Lantern, and both of them take on a kind of co-leadership role within the still rag-tag team, which is strange given that Diana and Aquaman are the royal members of the ensemble; and speaking of, I hated that they didn't do anything here.  The best idea by Johns in the story was not giving Darkseid any lines; that made him truly menacing.  Batman seemed out of character by trusting Green Lantern so early on; yet again, perhaps five years ago he was not as paranoid.  Art wise, this was not Jim Lee's brightest moment; his pencils were very rushed and rough; to his credit, however, even that way he is better than most.  Next: Apokolips!

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