Saturday, January 28, 2012

X-Men Legacy #261

Exodus returns to mortify the X-Men in "Lost Tribes" by Christos Gage.  Rogue's self imposed goal of giving the students' lives a sense of normalcy is reinforced in this story, but is also challenged as the former Acolyte and still madman shows up at the school looking to cause trouble.  Worthy of mention is the fact that Frenzy had an important role in the fight, and her past as one of Exodus' peers was acknowledged; it was also good to see that there was consistency in his characterization despite his long absence: he is still a very powerful and not quite sane mutant.  David Baldeon's art is a bit too cartoonish, but also energetic and lively.  The resolution to the battle had a humorous component to it, but it was mostly exciting, as the attack will cause the paths of the Gold and Blue teams to cross for the first time since "Schism", and it will be awkward.

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