Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Dark Knight #5

Time for Scarecrow to mess with Batman's head using a "Handful of Dust" by Paul Jenkins and David Finch.  The Dark Knight had a psychedelic experience fighting Dr. Kane, and so did I reading the dialog; not sure whether it was intentional, but very little of what Scarecrow said made sense to me.  The second part of the issue featured the Man of Steel, who came to lend a hand and ended up getting his butt kicked.  It was a nice surprise having Superman do not just a cameo, but a full appearance, and that is what I like best about this title: you just never know who's going to pop-up.  Both sequences were superbly pencilled by David Finch, and the colors by Jeromy Cox were just amazing. Back to the dialog, or lack thereof, it was so scarce that it was a quick read, and the story relied mostly on artwork.  Okay issue, not the best.

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