Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aquaman #5

This story needed to be told.  DC's efforts to change the public's perception of Aquaman as a character have been impeccable, and until now they have also been effective mostly thanks to the work Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, and Jim Lee have done; however, it is important not to push the coolness factor too far, or make it seem like Aquaman is almighty; this issue takes care of that.  Johns and Reis put the hero in what can be described as the most precarious situation possible for him, just to show he is vulnerable after all; and the best part is that it is not presented as a cliche.  While this important aspect of Aquaman is exposed, readers will also find they are being smoothly bridged from one arc to the next as the mystery behind the sinking of Atlantis is introduced.  Great issue, and even better yet will be the next one when Mera goes solo!

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