Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Guardians #5

With a diverse cast, great art, and an ever flowing storyline, this title is one of my favorites, and probably the best within the Green Lantern family of books.  The New Guardians enter "The Orrery" while their team dynamics continue to build; from Arkillo and Saint Walker, to Fatality and Monk, to Kyle and Glommy, there is plenty of characterization in the middle of the action.  One question that had been dangling was the presence of Bleeze and how it fit within her other title, "Red Lanterns".  That is addressed impeccably here, and the way it is presented perfectly fits the events of that other book.  Tyler Kirkham's artwork just gets better with each issue; crisp and inviting with lots of detail.  The challenging part seemed to be putting in paper the scale of the orrery itself; not talking just about the art, but also the writing; it is a difficult concept to get in one's head; still, it was a great issue.

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