Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Batwing #5

Ben Oliver returns to the pages of Batwing to pencil Judd Winick's "Like a Nightmare Coming to Life".  The first part of this issue is dedicated to character development; Winick digs deeper inside David's head to show readers fragile aspects of his personality, which strongly contrast with his background, hence giving him much dimension.  The second part of the story is all out action, and this time Batwing is not alone, as guest star Batman is glad to lend a hand.  Worthy of note is that Bats is not full of condescension and arrogance, sign of his respect towards Batwing and hopefully building the foundation of a long term association.  The third act is absolute chaos and the set up for what will be the final battle against Massacre.  Needless to elaborate on it, Oliver's art is top notch and a welcome sight.  Great issue!

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