Friday, January 13, 2012

Batgirl #5

"A Candy Full of Spiders" jumps right into the action with Batgirl trying to stop some bad guys from her old days, and introducing a new menace named Gretel.  As she has done in all other issues so far, Gail Simone gives us one little piece of information about Barbara's early career and also about her recovery; just enough to keep us satisfied and asking for more; much better than  throwing it all in a "flashback" issue.  I have grown fond of the inner monologue in this series; this style is enjoyable because it provides two perspectives on the events being told, and what human being does not maintain a never-ending conversation with one self?  The middle of the issue also is strong in character development, drama, and conflict; and to leave us hanging, the story closes with Gretel about to beat Batgirl in the most ironic way possible.  A must read!

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