Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Defenders #2

Matt Fraction and the Dodsons continue their introduction of a new team of Defenders in this series spining off of "Fear Itself".  With enough background information in its first page for new readers before jumping into the action, this issue gives each member of the team a turn to take the spotlight; again, to acclimate newcomers.  Here's the thing: in trying to follow the typical formula, this story did not add the right ingredients.  How come it was so easy for the Defenders to win their second confrontation with their enemies, when they got beat so easily the first time?  There was no extra help, they were hurt, and had even less of an advantage than before. And this has nothing to with with the "resilience of human nature" or any of that stuff; it was not inferred at any point.  The presence of Silver Surfer in this team still does not make sense; it is difficult making someone so powerful seem weak.  Iron Fist is cool, though.

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